Lipstick Colors that Make Teeth Whiter

lipstick to whiten your teeth
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Are you seeing the effects of your coffee habit or daily smoking on your teeth? Fortunately, today there are lots of products that will whiten teeth quickly and easily, but if you’re looking for another way to make your smile pearly, you can use lipstick to make teeth look whiter.

While there are certain lip colors that will give the illusion of white teeth, it’s best to choose your lipstick based on your coloring. Just because a shade of lip color will make your teeth gleam, doesn’t mean it’s right for your face. Using a shade that’s too dark for your face won’t look good if you’re skin is lighter, so don’t make your purchase based on what you think the lipstick can do for your smile.

Motives® Pucker Up Lip Plumper - Red VelvetRed lipstick can do wonders to lighten teeth, but beware that some shades can actually make you look older – what a choice, yellow teeth or looking old! Richer reds and berry colors will make teeth look whiter without aging your look. Brighter, orange toned reds will simply accentuate yellow teeth, so make sure you try a variety of shades against your face to see which ones work and which ones don’t.

Cool shades of blue lipstick to make teeth look whiter can help a lot (no, I’m not talking about blue lipstick that was in style for about five minutes years ago). There are many lipsticks with subtle blue undertones that won’t actually turn your pout blue, but will give just enough of a boost to yellowed teeth.

Paler shades will either make teeth look yellow, or dull – take your pick. Stay away from nudes, neutral pinks and peaches if you want your teeth to gleam. Also, frosted lipsticks are a big no no if you’re trying to whiten your smile. They will dull your smile and make your teeth appear the same shade as the lipstick.

Other lipstick to make teeth look whiter is glossy, wet look finish lip color. It reflects light off of your lips and adds depth to your lips. Shiny color makes your teeth shine too, and even yellowed teeth can look deceivingly white with the perfect sheen. Matte finishes will darken your smile, and draw attention to stains.

Lipstick to make teeth look whiter can take years off of your look if you shop carefully. It can also make it look like you just spent time in the dentist’s chair, or hours at home whitening your teeth.

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