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101 Beauty Tips: The Modern Woman's Complete Guide to Looking and Feeling GreatThe Little Green Book of Beauty

There are so many ways to wear makeup and I am not even just talking about lipstick here, though there are hundreds of tips for the lips alone. The fact is that no two people wear their makeup the same and so many of us go through life afraid to take any chances whatsoever and because of that our faces are boring while other women look hot and sexy and get all the guys.

I am telling you this is not only unfair, this is unnecessary!! With a good beauty book filled with beauty tips you can have it all. You can even get one like The Beauty Book: Head-To-Toe Beauty Tips (just For Teens) for the younger generation. This will help them to avoid some of the mistakes you may have made in the past.

The Carer's Cosmetic Handbook: Simple Health and Beauty Tips for Older Persons

There are tons of things we can do to make sure we look at hot as that skinny girl over there no matter how much we weigh, all we need is the right information and that means a source for how to tips. I have found some great beauty tip resources over the last few days and I love all of the books pictured in this post, just click on the images and/or text links to learn more.

Take About Face: Beauty Tricks & Tips (Makeover Fun 101) for example. This is a blast of a book that is super fun to share with your girlfriends. Have a party, some wine, some chocolate maybe and give each other makeovers. Fun!

I am really excited about all of these beauty books because I think they are a treasure trove of information on makeup and skincare that can help anyone look better than ever.

These are the kinds of beauty tips that the celebrities follow to stay in shape and keep that youthful glow even when they are in their fifties. Wicked hot stuff in here and it is super cheap.

The best part is that so much of these beauty books is using treatments you can make yourself at home for free. You won’t have to go out and buy some $100 per ml cream or anything, you can make it with things you already have around the house, that is amazing and you know, these things work just as well as that expensive goop.

Even better when you consider this will be free of harmful chemicals that actually age your skin instead of rejuvenate it.

These skincare and beauty books will do the following (and MORE):

* Help you to have soft sensuous lips again
* Lose weight
* Lessen stress levels
* Become more confident
* Have silkier and stronger hair
* Have all over skin that glows

If you want a nice and kissable lip then you want to learn a great new and amazing beauty regime. Any one of these beauty books can give you the tools you need to stay looking your best for decades to come.

If you are ready to take your looks to a whole new level then start reading today and learn how to make beauty seem effortless and flawless.


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