Lip Candy Lip Glosses Taste Divine

Lip Candy Glaze (0.2 oz.)These lip candy glazes are something else. They bring a whole new meaning to the word beauty and its not just because they look good but they taste delicious too. They have a cute saying as well: “Hours on the lips, not a moment on the hips.” How cute is that?? Love it!

There are 6 scrumptious shades of lip candy to choose from and they all have a hefty dose of triple chocolate extract and a drop of mint to make the smell and taste divine.

These lip glosses are super shiny and I was surprised at how long they lasted on the lips. You know how most lip gloss tends to wear of quickly? Well these didn’t and that was with plenty of licking the lips to taste the chocolaty mint flavoring!

None of the Colorescience Lip Candy Glazes are tacky at all, they have minimum stickiness and they are soothing on the lip skin, I think the latter is sue to the mint extract.

These are the lip shades that this [tag]Colorescience lip gloss[/tag] comes in:

* Chocolate Covered Cherry (Brownish red)
* Jelly Belly (Perfect apricot, ripe and ready)
* Suga Baby (Toasty cinnamon shade adds sexy spice)
* Cotton Candy (Very raspberry, frosty with silver shine)
* Taffy (Pictured-Fresh, natural and perfectly pink)
* Gum Drop (A touch of coral plus a trace of peach)

And of course like most glosses you can wear lip candy on its own or over your favorite lipstick or lip pencil.

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Cargo Lip Gloss Quad in Naples not Nipples

cargo lip quad
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There are a bunch of different Cargo Lip Gloss Quad shades besides this one called Naples and all of them are miraculous in their color combinations.

I chose this Cargo lip gloss quad to show because I like how each is a nice natural color that will look hot with any eye shadows or eyeliners you choose.

You have your matte type colors, shimmery ones and hey, blend them together in different ways and you have a whole new set of colors.

All of these Cargo lip gloss colors offer sheer and non-sticky shine.

The gorgeous shades you get in this Cargo lip gloss combo palette:

* shimmering champagne
* vibrant orange red
* rose
* muted berry

These shades of lip gloss will suit just about any skin tone so you really can’t go wrong. They are perfect for all seasons too. Yay! Value Sets

Show wraps aren’t just for girls you know

The Genuine Turkish Cotton Pajamas (Men's).The Lightweight Turkish Hydrocotton RobeThe Turkish Slippers.

Why is it that men always get the bum end of the stick. (yeah right) Seriously though, there is no reason why you can get a mens shower wrap for your boyfriend as a last minute gift idea. Any of the gifts above are going to be fantastically thoughtful and still practical holiday presents.

I think a mens shower wrap is the perfect boyfriend gift because it’s something he can use everyday but also something he would probably not have thought of buying for himself. That is the kind of thing that you need to remember when gift shopping for Christmas presents.

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Why NeoStrata Skin Brightening Gel: The Glow

NeoStrata Skin Brightening GelI am blown away by NeoStrata Skin Brightening Gel. It may be an icky yellow colored gel but it does wonders for the complexion. It will exfoliate and brighten the skin enormously.

Did you know that having an uneven skin tone adds 10 to 15 years to how old you look? By using this skin brightening product you can take off those 15 years with ease. You will have flawless skin if you use this Neostrata gel every day.

There is an enormous amount of Vitamin C in this Neostrata Skin Brightening Gel and that is the secret to its success. This goes head to head with the dullness of your complexion and kicks its ass!

Neostrata did a big study on their brightening formula and they found that women who used it found up to an 88% improvement in the look of their skin. There’s more though:

* 93% reported a lighter and brighter skin tone
* 87% reported a healthier looking, more even complexion
* 80% reported faded age spots, firmer skin and a more radiant complexion

Neostrata brightener is a great way to take years off your looks, it is great for the skin too, it virtually feeds it.

Get Smooth and Silky Hair in One Step

Hemp with Organics Shine ShampooAlterna Hemp Shine Organics is truly the next generation of Hemp. It is made from a blend of Certified Organic Botanicals that both strengthen and protect your hair from styling damage as well as color fade. For you to look good and for your hair too, it needs to be healthy and strong and this shampoo is up to the job. It leaves hair feeling silky and smooth, I love it!

What this hemp shampoo does right is provide the perfect balance of protein and moisture with a boost of re-energizing Certified Organic Botanicals that help strengthen the hair structure and protect from damage and color fade.

If you feel like your hair has been looking dull lately then you are going to love the shine boosting ability of this Alternal shampoo. The Sweet Orange Peel Extract acts as a light clarifier leaving you hair shining like the sun.

Alterna Hemp Shine is for all hair types. There is a conditioner too if your hair needs an extra boost of moisture.

For a More Youthful Appearance: Babor Lifting Eye Cream

High Skin Refiner Lifting Eye Cream (30 ml.)This Babor eye cream was clearly created by aliens. It is so amazing no way humans figured out how to make it. It is like heaven on the skin and what it does is actually stimulate cell regeneration. That is what gives you that youthful glow back.

It does so much more though, it also protects your skin against free radicals and harmful environmental influences. You have no idea the kind of havoc pollution in the air alone can wreak on your face. Yuck!

Babor lifting eye cream works to prevents the forming of fine lines and wrinkles around the oh so delicate eye area. This makes it perfect for women of all ages. If you want to look younger it has you covered, if you want to keep the youthful look you already have then this has you covered too.

It’s powerful anti ageing stuff. But really light on the skin as well. I like to use it as a base for my makeup, it helps keep your eyeshadow on all day. Bonus, right?

This lifting eye cream is fragrance free too so those with sensitive skin can use it with no problem whatsoever. Just put it on once at night and once in the morning and you are good to go.

skyn Iceland Relief Eye Cream Review

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skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Cream with Biospheric Complex[tag]skyn Iceland Relief Eye Cream[/tag] has a biospehric complex that is like a miracle cream for your face. This is a brand new line of skin care that comes all the way from Iceland and it is truly the perfect anitidote for damage from the environment as well as life. We all suffer from stress but what may of us don’t realize is that this takes a serious toll on our skin, especially the face. Skin care products like this one can make all the difference, and without a scalpel!

You will be able to treat deeper lines, darker circles, and even extreme puffiness quickly with this pure oxygen and Icelandic water formula. If you haven’t been eating the proper nutrients this shows in your under eye area and that is what this cream is targeted for. It is one of the best [tag]miracle creams[/tag] for this part of your face hands down and it is way cheaper than others out there.

So if you are looking to minimize the following:

* puffiness
* wrinkles both fine and deep
* dark circles
* the look of aging

Then you want to use skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Cream with Biospheric Complex. The rice peptides actually start working to counteract the aging effects of stress as soon as you put this cream on. Then there are the optical diffusers that do wonders to soften and hide lines and brighten the eye area. This makes you look fresh and wide awake.

To use the skyn Iceland Relief [tag]Eye Cream[/tag] all you need to do is gently pat some under the eye with the tips of your fingers.

You may feel a slight sensation but no worries that is just it doing its job and working. And you may want to check out the other products in this skin care line like the Oxygen Infusion Night Cream or the ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion.

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I Can No Longer Live Without My Lipstick Brush

best lipstick brush

Lip Defining Brush

A [tag]lipstick brush[/tag] is one of the most important parts of your makeup kit. It took me a lot of years to realize this which is weird, I have no idea why I was so resistant to the brilliance of the brush.

I think I just didn’t want to pack around one more thing with me, but the makeup brushes they make today for [tag]applying lipstick[/tag] are so tiny and they have caps so you never have to worry about them smearing lipstick on the other things in your purse or your pockets.

A [tag]makeup brush[/tag] like this serves many different purposes and one of them—my favorite in fact—is the fact that if you use a lipstick brush you will save a lot of money on lipstick over the years whether you realize it or not.

When you put on a lipstick straight out of the tube you are using way too much. It is going on thick and fast, if you were to use a lip brush on the other hand you would be able to put just the right amount on each time.

But that is not the only reason why a brush is important. If you find that lipstick doesn’t last on your lips it is probably because you are putting it on straight out of the tube.

When you apply lipstick with a brush you work it into all the small creases of the lips and the pores actually absorb it. When you just spread it on normally from a tube, you are just coating the surface, it is not really getting into the lips, this is one of the most common reasons why we women end up complaining about lipstick not lasting long enough.

A good lipstick brush can also help you to define your lips in ways you simply cannot imagine. It is like painting a portrait, I don’t know what I would do without my lipstick brush at this point it has become a part of my makeup routine that I count on.

I use a lipstick brush with lip gloss too if it does not have a built in applicator brush. I am telling you, you will see a massive difference in the way your lips look and the way they feel too! Lipstick brushes make all the difference, don’t let it take you as long as it did me to figure this out.

If you want the best lip gloss…

Clarins Light Natural Lip Perfector
Clarins, give the gift of beauty year round.
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One of the [tag]best lip gloss[/tag] brands and colors I’ve come across lately is Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector. I have tested out this entire line of Clarins skin care and beauty products and am in love with each and every one of them. But this [tag]Rose Shimmer lip gloss[/tag] has a special place in my heart.

This [tag]Clarins beauty line is the[/tag] essence of this new era in skin care and makeup. Mark my words, all of the other makeup and skin care companies are going to be all over their breakthrough results trying to figure out how to make it work for them too.

Anyway, back to the best lip gloss review. [tag]Clarins Light Lip Perfector[/tag] is stunning both in texture, taste and results. Let me break it down for you so you don’t get as overwhelmed as I was when I tried this best lip gloss for myself:

1) Lip Gloss Texture

All I can say is WOW! While too many of the newer lip glosses are heavy and almost gel like, this lip perfector actually is light. It certainly lives up to it’s name on that point.

It is smooth and stays on for a surprising amount of time considering the lightness of the lip product. And because of t his light airy feel, I didn’t have the constant urge to wipe my mouth off. I could think about other things besides whether my lips are falling off my face due to the excessive weight of the gloss.

2) Rose Shimmer Lip Gloss Taste

I am not exactly what the taste and scent is but I love it. It doesn’t have that gross fatty smell like lipstick can and unlike some lip glosses it is soft and gentle so it won’t get annoying.

3) Color and Shimmer Factor

This is Clarins best lip gloss yet and it’s not because it is a big bright bold color that will stand out for miles and miles, instead it’s the best gloss because it won’t do that. This is a lip perfector, not a lip hider. It is a soft and natural color that will only add to the color of your lips, not replace it.

The shimmer adds depth and shine to your lips and it will have people looking at you and wondering: What is it about her that looks so different and better? Rather than them saying: Her lip gloss is a pretty color. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather people talk about me than my makeup.

4) Clarins Lip Gloss Applicator

I have heard some complain about the lip gloss applicator on this tube but I personally love it. I am sick to death of the hard plastic applicators with the one single hole in the center. They can make getting the lip gloss on evenly a chore at the best of times.

Instead of going with this cheap route, Clarins has instead chosen a spongy felt tip lip gloss applicator. I love it! It is soft and since the gloss comes out of more than one hole, your lip color goes on more evenly. The tip is so soft, it’s like taking your lips to the spa.

Bottom Line:

I’m a huge fan of Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector. It is at the top of my best lip gloss review list. Go on and try it, you’ll see why I am such a fan. You should check out the entire line of new Clarins light perfector makeup and skin care products. They are all unique and ground breaking in terms of makeup and skin technology.

Clarins Slimming Products for Summer

Gorgeous makeup for flawless skin

gorgeous makeup
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If you want gorgeous makeup for flawless skin then I am so excited to be able to share the perfect skin care tips with you here and now.

Recently we have seen silver and gold shimmer in [tag]face makeup[/tag] but now things are taking a turn, a much more exciting turn for the better. Now you want to look towards metallic bronze. Giving your skin a luminous glimmer with this type of face makeup is easy and fun.

So how do you use gorgeous makeup in metallic bronze? Easy, dust it on the places light hits naturally on your face. This would be the top of your cheekbones, tip of your nose as well as your chin.

If you just hate the idea of a metallic bronze anywhere but on your lids then look for an illuminating highlighter. You would put this in the same place.

Tips to highlighting features with gorgeous face makeup:

There are gel based highlighters out there with glitter and shimmer in them but I wouldn’t recommend most of them. They are often on a sticky side and the slimmers tend to be quite large. If you can test it on the back of your hand to see how it dries and how the shimmer lays on the skin before you buy it.

If using a shimmer powder use a large brush to deposit the face makeup to the skin, this will give you a seamless look for flawless skin.

And if you are going to be using a liquid highlighter then choose a good quality sponge to bend the makeup products well.

If you find that there are just too many sparkles in one area and it does not balance with th rest of your makeup, then just use a sponge to spread them out of take them off and reapply your gorgeous makeup. Large Banner